Why Are You Talking of Having No Bread?

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Jesus had just multiplied a few loaves of bread into enough to satiate the hunger of thousands of men, women and children. Baskets of leftovers sat on the shore, presumably forgotten as the disciples hurried into the boat to cross back to the other side. So they bobbed on the boat with Jesus, hungry themselves. Someone must have been kicking himself for forgetting the bread …

“Why are you talking of having no bread?” Jesus interrupts.

Clearly Jesus saw something they all missed as they scanned the boat for a stray loaf. Where they saw nothing to eat, His question insisted otherwise.

More questions came—from Jesus.

Do you still not see or understand?
Are your hearts hard?
Do you have eyes but fail to see and ears but fail to hear?
Don’t you remember (yesterday, when we multiplied bread, too)?
Do you still not understand?

What becomes evident is that Jesus expected them to rightly read reality. I’ll give you the shortcut: eyes that see and ears that hear would know they were in the boat with the Bread of Life who can produce bread and satiate their hunger on a hillside or a boat in the middle of the lake or anywhere else, really.

I wondered if I would have recognized Jesus as the personification of provision in the boat that day.


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