Week With Walter: Closing Ceremony

week with walter_1What a privilege it’s been to host this week, this time of reflecting on The Prophetic Imagination, on the words of Walter Brueggemann and on deeper things that trouble us and give us hope.

Here are some highlights…

Single Sentences:

Do our poets speak in 140 character tweets? — Russ Graeff

I had to make a conscious decision to surround myself with the very pathos our empire pretends isn’t a reality. — D.L. Mayfield

We are at the same time both hopeful and heartbroken over the state of the world, and still, all we know how to do is weep. — Luke Harms

Something struck a chord in a room of unreligious artists. They identified with the fight to imagine an alternative to the dominate narratives of the day… — Jenny Flannagan

The un-tethered-ness of God is precisely what gives God the ability to anchor near to us. — Emily Maynard

I so appreciate each friend who not only read with us, but responded and lead un into deeper conversation and reflection with their offering. These friends served us a feast.

Best Tweets:

Writing about God and Twilight and Brueggemann for @knikondeha #transitlounge on Friday. My apologies in advance. (@emelina)

Dang, @d_l_mayfield can write. Love her. “The Prophet-as-a-hot-mess situation.” (@jrgoudeau)

But my favorite, without question:

@knikondeha what are you DOING getting us to read this WB book?? Are you trying to stir up a revolution or something??!;) (@JoannaCDobson)

We did tweet more about this book than any others thus far… lots of quotes, comments, retweets and favorites. But these few really stood out, because humor does carry the day!


And with a final drum roll… our week will come to an end. But first let me thank all of you for reading and then engaging with one another in content-rich conversations. I noticed how many of you traveled from blog to blog, talking to each other, and it made my heart sing! I hope you made some new connections with Brueggemann’s ideas, but also with one another. I hope this is only the beginning of some friendships and new prophetic imaginings.

But after the drawing the winner of The Collected Sermons of Walter Brueggemann is Jamie Wright Bagley!

Let’s grieve so that we may find our prophetic voice and move toward hope together with energy, compassion and love.




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3 thoughts on “Week With Walter: Closing Ceremony”

  1. Joanna
     ·  Reply

    Brilliant, life-changing month, Kelley. Thank you so much for working so hard on this – I too hope this is only the beginning of many new and revolutionary prophetic imaginings.

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