twelve years

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The best way to describe our twelve years together – we dance!

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We don’t always know the right steps, but we hold on to each other and follow the music.

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We refuse to let go of each other, of the moments we get to share in this life we’ve created.

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Our dance has often surprised me!

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But we’ve learned some things about our tandem rhythm, the music indigenous to our hearts and how to love while our feet keep moving toward some kind of goodness we never imagined before we said “I do” in a small white chapel twelve years ago.

Let’s keep dancing, Hewe!

Thanks to Tina Francis for capturing us amid a dance this past summer in Burundi – a SheLoves Garden Party where we whirled on the lawn amid family and friends.




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8 thoughts on “twelve years”

  1. Elma
     ·  Reply


  2. Pam Hogeweide
     ·  Reply

    LOVE these photos (Go Tina!) You guys look so amazing. Congratz on 12 years. Your marriage is officially a tween! 🙂

  3. Sean Whiting
     ·  Reply

    Beautiful! Love the marriage. Love the mission within the marriage. Love these pics and the creative post. Go Kelley and Claude, Go!

  4. Fiona Lynne
     ·  Reply

    LOVE this so much! (also love that I managed to sneak in a corner of one of your photos… what a great dance party it was!) Raising my glass to many more years of dancing!

  5. Diana Trautwein
     ·  Reply

    Best pictures ever! Congrats to you both – you chose very, very well.

  6. helen burns
     ·  Reply

    These picture tell the most gorgeous story… keep dancing! You are an inspiration. Congratulations on 12 years friend.

    Helen xoxo

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