{ ShePonders: We Belong to the Sixth Day of Creation }

SL Belonging

We belong to the sixth day of creation.

We belong to the dark, damp soil teeming with freshly created life. We stand as shared substance with all the seeds and biological matter packed into that rich dirt. We are connected to the cosmos, the light and dark of the first day swirling around us from the beginning.

We belong to the garden and all its goodness; variety and bounty, food without toil, movement unfettered by constricting clothes or the straightjacket of shame. Abundance is our natural habitat.

We belong to daily walks at dusk with our Creator, barefoot and free. We are at ease in God’s company. In this garden, in this Presence, there’s nothing to fear.

We belong to each other. We know relationship without strife. We interact with strength and vulnerability. We only know unity.

We belong to a good story from the start. We come from original shalom – wholeness, wellness and a world set right.


But we’re often found elsewhere. We wander like we’ve forgotten what day it is.

Read the rest over at SheLoves Magazine, where we are considering BELONGING this month.

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