ShePonders: Adoption

“Abandonment gives way to belonging, vulnerability cedes to stability and an orphan becomes a daughter by a divine spark of redemptive goodness.” 

I remember a grade school assignment: Tell us who you are in ten sentences, each beginning with “I am.”  My first sentence: I am adopted. It is always the first sentence that surfaces when asked to describe or define myself. It is core to my self-understanding. Adoption grounds my story and at the same time is woven throughout each chapter in subtle and significant ways.

Every year, for about 40+ years now, we’ve celebrated my Adoption Day: the day my parents brought me home; the day we became a family.

For the past seven years we’ve celebrated another Adoption Day: the day we picked up our babies from the Rainbow Center; the day we became the next generation of family.  More than any earthly thing, adoption has shaped me in foundational and formative ways … read the rest over at SheLoves Magazine

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