Ponder and Protest

I received my favorite Christmas card this year from D.L. Mayfield. A simple image in black ink on white cardstock of Mother Mary mid-step, skirt hiked up and fist in the air. She looks fierce. The words of the Magnificat encircle her: “Cast down the mighty. Lift up the lowly. Send the rich away. Fill the hungry.” I adore this depiction of Mary, not so meek or mild.

Last week my family traveled from the U.S. to Burundi. We had a lengthy layover and took advantage of one of the in-terminal sit-down restaurants to eat, relax and recharge our devices. While reading, the card slipped out of my book jacket. My daughter asked who that lady was. “You don’t recognize her?” She nodded in the negative. “It’s Mother Mary,” I said. “No, that’s not her,” she quickly retorted.

I put my book down. I clasped my hands together in prayer, tilting my head slightly to the side. The instant smile crossing her face revealed this to be the Mary she knew. But when I then put my fist in the air, she shook her head in disapproval. Sunday School taught her about the young girl who pondered all these things in her heart. It was my turn to introduce her to Mary’s song.


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