Fighting Words

Jesus is Lord!

I’ve been singing this since I learned my first praise song under the wing of Mary at Saint Nicholas Church. Those around me sang it with a triumphant yawp. We’d summon our religious fervor and pierce the sky with our declaration about God who reigned supreme. We stood exuberant in our praise. Some called us charismatic crazies, but we didn’t care. If we could we’d shout from the church tops: Jesus is Lord!

But sometimes, when the guitar strummed slow and we swayed gentle like a breeze, it could sound like a lullaby on our lips. Sweet as orange blossom honey, we savored the taste on our tongues. Like a whispered prayer we’d say it with hands outstretched. We took comfort in knowing: Jesus is Lord.

I’ve heard pastors say it in the pulpit: Jesus is Lord! And the congregation responded with a hearty “Amen!” It echoed through the sanctuary as a holy affirmation. This has become a common refrain in the various churches I’ve attended over the years; it is almost too ubiquitous to keep its original edge. I suspect we’ve dulled the meaning.

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