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'An altar in the church dedicated to the Trinity, Trampas, N.M. (LOC)' photo (c) 1939, The Library of Congress - license: In the throes of transition she asks:

When you take away the church buildings, where is your tribe?

When you take away your parents and sisters and grandparents, where is your family?

When you take away people who like the same food or music or God, who are your friends?



And then my son asked: How do you create a community?

How indeed…

I think you begin by dipping into the clouds, leaning into the breeze, wiggling toes between blades of grass and recognizing the trinity awhirl around you. Yes, as in ‘holy trinity.’ They mix and mingle (everywhere) inviting you to take a whirl, too. You aren’t, ontologically, alone. As your soul eyes open see you’re surrounded by mysterious motion, sacred stillness, all trademark trinity gestures.

Commune despite the clamor of the new city, there is a table in the wilderness.

It’s not the mountain-splitting wind, pavement-cracking quake or prairie fire that speak.  None of the noise heralds God’s approach. Stop. Listen for – nothing. Sheer stillness is God’s calling card. (Ironically I have found this quiet can interrupt any ruckus, even that of a busy, babbling toddler!)

The holy trio asks, as Elijah was asked before you, ‘What are you doing here?’

Follow the prophet’s lead, muster confidence, and say ‘I’ve been very zealous for the Lord…’

Then stand. Still.

Trust the three to tell you what (where) is next- and when (how). Direction will come. But first stillness, then Voice. Seems that for now, at least, all you can do is sit.

Tonight audacity seizes me and I say you’re not alone, even now as you feel dizzy and disoriented, even dispirited. The wild threesome plays around you with great whimsy. I agree, it is a bit cruel these three keep this all hidden for now. But soon enough you will see and hear and play.

You sit amid your tribe of origin, surrounded by intimate family with three friends who want to traipse about the city together – when the time is right, when the hiding (and seeking) are done.

We don’t, in answer to my son, create community so much as join Community.

NOTE: D.L. you are in my heart as you sit, in city or cave, waiting it out. When I prayed this is what I saw/sensed… you surrounded by three.





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9 thoughts on “call & response”

  1. Diana Trautwein
     ·  Reply

    What a remarkable and beautiful response to DL’s heart cry. Thank you for this beauty. And this reminder of the Mystery, the Truth.

  2. Jenny Flannagan
     ·  Reply

    This is beautiful Kelley, and just what I needed to hear. I lose track so easily of that holy community, and feel like I’m fighting a battle alone. Thanks for pulling me back to the silence.

  3. d.l. mayfield
     ·  Reply

    oh, you made me cry. just what i needed this morning after a good sleep (for all!). i am not being hyperbolic when i say these are just the words i needed.

    • kelleynikondeha
       ·  Reply

      Sometimes the Spirit moves- even through cyberspace. You are in my prayers and very much surrounded by Love today.

  4. Laura Shook
     ·  Reply

    Thank you, Kelley. This may have been written with DL on your heart, but God knew it was just what I needed to hear too. Thank you for being sensitive to the three! Love you!

    • kelleynikondeha
       ·  Reply

      Surprising that God can comfort us with the reminder of trinity, a community already in motion that we are invited to join. So glad God is speaking to many of us about God’s presence with us.

  5. J.R. Goudeau
     ·  Reply

    Oh, me too. This was for me too this morning. Thank you for these words.

  6. Joanna
     ·  Reply

    I think this is the most profound thing I have ever read on a blog. It quite takes my breath away. ‘The wild threesome plays around you’ … ‘We don’t so much create community as join Community.’ Unforgettable. Holy.

    • kelleynikondeha
       ·  Reply

      Joanna – I was praying & writing in tandem. Sometimes God just wants to be seen and we get to be midwives, right? Thank you for sharing the journey, so glad I am not alone!

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