12 Kinds of Confession

Today I am exploring confession as witnessed across Scripture from Genesis to the Gospels. This post is part of SheLoves Magazine’s month of conversation around this theme.


“I must confess in unison with the congregation that I have sinned—by what I have done and what I have failed to do. This is the ancient tradition handed down to me like a family recipe, the catechism that gives me words to say what I would otherwise resist saying.

I must confess that temptation encircles me and I am trapped. In every direction I see an apple, an ambush, an animal seeking to devour me. I’m afraid! I feel the words of denial scaling my throat: I don’t know him, I don’t know him, I don’t know him!

I must confess what You already know—I am fragile. I am dust, stardust perhaps, but dust nonetheless and I will return to the earth. Who am I that You consider me, that You care for me? Why do You invite me to tend Your garden when I don’t even have a green thumb?”


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