when welders are prophets

This energized me. This ignites my imagination and makes me want to weld! We must fire up our imaginations and practice these kind of skills to be melters of weapons, the builders of better tools, those with the capacity to farm, feed, feast in the new kingdom!

This text from Isaiah and Micah is alway with me, swords into plowshares, the forging of a sustainable peace. It is the image of deep transformation.

Some mornings, like today, welders are prophets. They demonstrate the reality ‘in the coming days.’

I’ve spoken about it here and here… but even more in unpublished journals.

Lord, may it be so. May I be one who, alongside welders, can forge a new world of peace!



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One thought on “when welders are prophets”

  1. Mia
     ·  Reply

    Hi Kelly
    I am blessed by your post today for I firmly believe that our Pappa God speaks to us through many everyday things and happenings! His peace can reign everyday in our hearts as we allow Him!
    Much love

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