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Vulnerability is the seedbed of creativity.” Brene Brown said so in her TED talk and I know it to be true. As a matter of fact, I’ve experienced it just this week as I’ve been trying to write a book proposal. I create, and therefore I cry…or something like that.

The First Cry

I enjoyed a great conversation with a dear friend. We spoke about our community development work, her work, our families and all of the things friends chat about when they catch up. Except my proposal – she never even asked how it was progressing. So when the call ended my tears began. I felt hurt.

Now I’m a logical girl and I know my work wasn’t the focus of the call. No harm was intended by my friend. But this proposal, this book gestating inside me, is my baby. When someone significant ignores its existence, it stings. And so I cried.

But then I put my head down and wrote through the tears, emerging victorious and productive.

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