a little alliteration (for Rachel Held Evans)

We need discussions & dialogue because there are important matters at hand to talk about.

We need to converse & connect, to listen & learn together because we can’t get there on our own.

So we need people with good character, good intellect and good humor to host us.

We need Rachel.

We need people who understand the Bible as story and structure, not straightjacket.

We need people who can speak with candor, yet civility.

We need people who can say doubt, yet live with devotion.

We need people who can pose serious questions while possessing a robust faith.

We need Rachel.

And those of us who are thinking, writing and daring greatly these days, we need Rachel. Her generosity, her hospitality, her honesty and her example create room for all of us to join these important conversations and share the journey.

As one of them, I can say it’s hard. But I don’t want to write scared; I want to write strong. And I watch Rachel. She’s often willing to go first, and go public. And she gives me just a little more courage to do the same.

I need Rachel.

P.S. Rachel – thanks for being brave, going first, and opening the door wide behind you for others to join you. You are a gift to us and we cherish you. We also celebrate your latest publication, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. I’m raising my glass…cheers!

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5 thoughts on “a little alliteration (for Rachel Held Evans)”

  1. Julie
     ·  Reply

    She is am amazing women and I am thankful for her. That she isn’t afraid to step up and put her thoughts out there.

  2. Rachel Parsons
     ·  Reply

    Thanks Kelly! It’s inspiring to hear such accolade for your friend and author. Thanks for your strong writing!

  3. Rachel H. Evans
     ·  Reply

    Oh Kelley. Thank you so much for these kind words. They meant so much to me today. Eshet chayil!

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