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SheLoves Magazine is a community of women committed to God’s imperatives of love and justice in the world led by Idelette McVicker. Back in the early days when the magazine had just made it’s on-line debut, Idelette invited me to write about spirituality. From there our friendship grew – and so did my role at SheLoves! Now we conspire together, and much of that can be seen on the pages and posts of SheLoves each month. What an amazing group of dangerous women!

{ ShePonders: Sabbath }
“Keep the Sabbath day holy!” yelled the boisterous and candy-hungry third graders in answer to the pirate’s final trivia question. Apparently they were going through the Ten Commands in Sunday School. (Pretty sure pirate ships were not part of the Egyptian landscape, but my guess is they were taking some creative license with it all.) Over lunch I asked my son what “Sabbath” meant. “It is when we take time to rest so we can go to church and worship God,” he…
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ShePonders: Adoption
“Abandonment gives way to belonging, vulnerability cedes to stability and an orphan becomes a daughter by a divine spark of redemptive goodness.”  I remember a grade school assignment: Tell us who you are in ten sentences, each beginning with “I am.”  My first sentence: I am adopted. It is always the first sentence that surfaces when asked to describe or define myself. It is core to my self-understanding. Adoption grounds my story and at the same time is woven throughout each…
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