Forthcoming from Wm.B.Eerdmans Publishers in 2017.

In a world where belonging so often depends on bloodlines, race, ethnicity, nationality or economics, our adoption into God’s family demonstrates the radical inclusivity of his kingdom. We witness this in the lives of Moses and Jesus. We are invited to consider the metaphor of adoption more than once from the Apostle Paul in his letters to various churches as he speaks about belonging beyond socio-economic and ethnic boundaries. This is rich territory for further exploration for those of us hungry for another way to approach the conversation about connection.

True belonging is sacramental, not biological. Beyond the limits of biology and ethnicity connection is shaped by intention and daily practices, unleashing transformational potential. Our belonging to one another is an external witness to the internal reality that we are all God’s children. As we embody the sacrament of belonging we create connection and community in a fractured world.

Sharing out of my own story as both adopted child and adoptive mother, I want to offer further insight on how the metaphor of adoption functions as a lens for understanding deeper lessons of belonging. Through both personal experience and exploration of Scripture I want to discover how we can cultivate practices of belonging in our own lives.