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water girl

This Valentine’s Day we want to come together, purely and simply for the benefit of our Batwa friends in Bubanza by pooling our resources, so they may have a fresh water well. (Who needs roses and chocolate, if our friends can have water?)


Would you consider asking nine of your friends to stand with you and form a Circle of Grace—each person contributing $10–so we can build this well together?

Altogether, we are asking 100 SheLoves friends—yes, you, Beautiful one—to form a giving circle with your friends. When 100 of us say yes to gathering, we become multiplied by 10, each person giving $10, we reach our goal of $10,000.

100 SheLoves friends

x 10

x $10

= $10,000.


My dear friend, Idelette, invites us all to participate in something bigger today, something together for the sake of our friends in Bubanza, Burundi. We can fund a well for an entire community. We can bring hope tangible as clean water to over 660 families.

Please read her story. Please hear her heart. Please accept her invitation… because it’s our story, our heart, and our invitation for you to join us in a great big circle of grace!

Please click over to SheLoves Magazine. Help us bring a well to Bubanza. Join a circle of grace…

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