reading in transit: february

ennsThis month we will be reading Inspiration & Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament by Peter Enns. I’ve heard much buzz about this book in the last year, and as both a former seminary student and lover of the Old Testament I was intrigued to read his approach.

I’ve encountered Peter Enns on his Patheos blog and enjoyed this thoughtful commentary on a variety of contemporary cultural matters as well as Biblical mentions. I also consider him one of my favorite follows on twitter.

Rachel Held Evans hosted a great conversation on this book last year. Here are links to her conversations:

Is the Bible, like Christ, both human and divine?

Can God speak through myth?

“The Bible is diverse because life is”

Were Jesus, Peter, and Paul interpreting the Bible wrong?

I hope this gives you a few places to begin as you get to know Peter Enns, his work and this book in particular.

As you read the book this month, I encourage you to tweet your way through with us. Feel free to tweet quotes, questions, ah-ah moments, and the like so that we can converse together. We will use #transitlounge to track with one another during the month!

(I hope it will feel like we are all sitting in a transit lounge together, reading and discussing a good book together as we come and go. Our flights might take us to different destinations at different times, but we have these moments together in passing where we can share together in good conversation!)

You will see badge / button on my sidebar. Included is the code. Feel free to put this on your own blog if you want others to know your part of the conversation and be able to link up with us. When you post (if you do) include this badge/button so we can all link in to the discussion together!

For those who blog… please consider posting a response to the book on Thursday, February 28th. I’m not looking for a book review or summary, but a personal response. How did the book provoke you or move your thinking? Did it provide new language or metaphors that were helpful – or not? What connections did you make between this book/ideas and other conversations in your church, reading, career?

I will have a linking tool so that you can all link up. Then we can read one another’s reflections and keep the conversation going through comments on one another’s posts and such!

(NOTE: You do not need to blog in order to participate. Read along, tweet along and engage with the responses via the comment sections. The hope is that we are reading and learning together.)

I’m so excited to find new friends who want to read with me! Looking forward to the conversation on twitter in the weeks to come…


10 thoughts on “reading in transit: february

  1. Rasmus helped me get this downloaded onto my reader last night (of the hardship of getting hold of English ebooks in a French/German country! ;) ) and I had time to read just the first few pages. I read this and nearly cried with relief:

    “The end result, I truly hope, will be to provide a theological paradigm for people who know instinctively that the Bible is God’s word, but for whom reading the Bible has already become a serious theological problem…”

    So looking forward to getting started!

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