in transit: vancouver

airplaneToday I’m in transit once again. I’m headed to Vancouver to celebrate the wedding of Tina & Kupa, dear friends who begin a new chapter in their story together amid a Canadian winter’s day. I’m packing a Burundian gown designed by sweet Samantha in Burundi to wear for the occasion.

I will stay with Idelette. I’ll sneak some time with Sarah. Fingers crossed there will be time with Daniela and Destiny, Helen and so many other SheLoves friends clustered in Surrey. There will be a henna party – and I will savor every moment surrounded by such deep soul friends. I will raise my glass (and heart) with friends and family in honor of bride and groom.

And I promised my daughter that I would return home in time for Christmas Eve. And so I will.

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2 thoughts on “in transit: vancouver”

  1. Erin Wilson
     ·  Reply

    I hope + pray that you have an utterly amazing time, Kelley. You’ve got such a special tribe there… such a God-thing that you’ve found each other, and how profoundly beautiful that Tina can have you all there with her.

    Peace 🙂

  2. d.l. mayfield
     ·  Reply

    aaah! i am so happy for you!!! who is going to take pictures of all this goodness if tina is busy????

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